Live Steam Or Diesel-Hydraulic? That Is The Question!

Many people thoroughly enjoy collecting model trains. For many individuals this goes far beyond a mere hobby. Instead they construct entire neighborhoods complete with commercial buildings and homes. They spend a great deal of time and effort researching specific rail lines and looking for a particular train in order to complete their collection.

For many individuals a source of contention exists between the old fashioned steam powered trains and the newer versions that utilize hydraulics for control and Read more »

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Good Sources Of Information For New Members On Railroad Modelling

If you are diehard fan of model trains and railroads, then you might often find yourself wishing that there were more people out there who understood you. However, what you may not have realized is that there are actually plenty of model train and rail modeling clubs out there, and the members of these clubs are people who share the same passion and interest in model trains as you do! So if you are not already a member of at least one of these great clubs, then now is the time to think about joining one. Read more »

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Madder Valley, An Early Glimpse of Railroad Modelling

The Madder Valley display was created in the 1930s by John Ahern. It was the first model railroad display that featured landscaping. Many model train hobbyists travel to see the display each year. Model train displays are held in various locations throughout the country. If you are interested in the hobby of model railroading, then there is a lot to learn. Besides learning the history of model trains, you should know which train manufacturers are best.

You can read all about this hobby by searching online. You can spend a lot of money starting up this worthwhile hobby. You can Read more »

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Resources for the OH Train Lover

If you live in Cincinnati and you’re into model trains you’ll be happy to know there are a lot of great resources in the area! Here are some of the best suggestions if you’re just getting into the hobby and you live in the Cincy area – set your security alarm and hurry out to one of these locations!
Junction Hobbies: This great train store is located in EnterTRAINment Junction and they’ve got all the supplies you’ll need to really get started in training. If you live in Cincinnati you’re only a few miles from the Junction so get out there and see what’s new.
Cincinnati Division 7: This is the local train association of Cincinnati and it’s a great place to talk to other model train lovers about what’s going on in the community. Get suggestions for stores to shop at and near by conventions.
Buki’s Toys and Trains: This toy shop has more than its fair share of train supplies and the owners are hobbyists themselves. Talk to them about what you need for your latest project or just about your passion!

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Owning Your Own Backyard Railroad, Life Size Modelling!

For those who love railroads, trains, railways, and their history, collecting train models and sets is something that is really a hobby for you. But, for the ultimate collector, finding the life size model, and starting up a life size collection at your home, may be something you are considering to do. If this is the case, you really have to make sure that you have the funds to start your collection, and the outdoor space in your home and backyard, so that you can Read more »

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Living With Rail Transport Modelling Live Steam

Live steam engines are a great asset to many rail transport providers across the globe. The steam produced from water subjected to high temperatures is used to power the train. It is an eco-friendly type of energy generation also. The Cincinnati Model Railway Club was started in 1932 in Ohio. It now prides itself of a large customer base owing to good service delivery and innovativeness in the transport industry.

Railroading or rail transport modelling is hobby that has been taken up by many people especially in the US. It Read more »

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Founding Of The Cincinnati Model Railway Club, A History

The Founding of the Cincinnati Model Railway Club, A History is a interesting topic that truly has a merit. In 1932 a group of Cincinnati model rail road enthuses started the model railway club. In 1934 and employee of the B & O Railroad and president of the club named Mel Thornburgh formally founded the club.

Mel Thornburgh was completely devoted to his craft as he wrote many articles about building from scratch in the Model Railroad Press. Mr. Thornburgh has a scratch built locomotive, the Thatcher Perkins along with passenger cars on display at the National Model Railroad Association Museum.

The clubs Read more »

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Cincinnati Model Railway Club, An Influence On Railroading

Model railroads can be a fascinating hobby. (I know, because I once had one myself long ago, as a child.) Many people enjoy putting the cars and rails together and making elaborate buildings”including railroad yards and houses” structures” such as bridges and water towers” and scenery, such as a rugged mountain range, for the train to go through. And there are more than 300 model railway clubs today, where hobbyists can build more elaborate systems that any of them could construct alone.

One of the oldest such clubs is the Cincinnati Model Railway Club, Read more »

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